“Insane In The Ukraine” has Darrell Kelley Going To War With Russia

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Darrell Kelley sounds the battle cry against Vladimir Putin and Russia’s decision to invade the Ukraine region. “Insane In The Ukraine” harks back upon the iconic Cypress Hill title of their hit, “Insane In The Membrane”. Calling out the country, and the man who leads it, for the horrendous war crimes currently being committed on a daily basis inside the former Soviet Union satellite country, he pulls no punches. And this activist artist is not alone. Through several passages in the piece, the American president, Joseph Biden, whose voice is heard intoning the repeated phrase of “Who in the Lord’s name?” which was sampled from one of the USA elected leader’s more recent speeches concerning the Russian invasion.

After last month’s launch of Darrell Kelley’s iconic “Won’t Die For Spotify Remix” had him in a battle to the death with a few music streaming platforms that resulted in him pulling the track from both Spotify and TuneCore, his label, Viral Records, issued the following statement. “Mr. Kelley felt the value of his artistic and spiritual soul far exceeded any amount of money or fame, these two platforms could ever provide for him. We at Viral Records entirely support his decision and commend his integrity in dealing with this freedom of speech issue and artistic control. Even after other such major label artists, like Neil Young who has since backtracked on his decision to remove his entire music catalog from Spotify. Darrell Kelley has, and will continue to, stick to his guns on that dire matter”

This week the “Insane In The Ukraine” single was submitted to all major digital and retail platforms. It’s being distributed globally by his record company to all major digital retailers and streaming platforms on the internet who have heard and joined his battle call against Putin’s tyranny. A North American radio and press campaign was then immediately launched to promote “Insane In The Ukraine” and to get the word out about this travesty and threat to not only human life and property, but to world peace at large and what now looks like the beginning of WWIII. Mainstream Top 40, Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop, and Adult Contemporary format radio stations were serviced with the single. Additional personal appearances will be announced in the coming weeks. To learn more go to www.darrellkelleyofficial.com. An EPK is provided upon request to all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below.

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