Frankie Knuckles Tribute “FK Always” Official Release Date

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The Shamanic

Wake Up! Music, and The Shamanic (comprised of DJs/Producers Ralphi Rosario and Craig J Snider) is officially releasing their tribute to DJ Frankie Knuckles – “FK Always”, next week on January 18, 2022. It is an especially important anniversary as it marks the birth date of the now-deceased legendary artist. Knuckles was the global Godfather of House music and a longtime friend and mentor to the Shamanic, as well as to hundreds of DJs/Producers worldwide. “FK Always” is a loving homage to him and to the indelible legacy he left that will be passed on for generations to come. The track features actually spoken word commentary by none other than the master himself: Frankie Knuckles. For an insider’s sneak peek take a look at the lyric video provided, courtesy of the Wake Up! Music Group.

Ralphi Rosario created dance/house music history as a member of the world-renowned Chicago HOT MIX FIVE and achieved legendary status with the crossover hit “You Used to Hold Me.” He’s been called upon to remix releases by Beyoncé, The Pussycat Dolls, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Jo Jonas, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Depeche Mode, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Ricky Martin, The Ting Tings, Kelly Rowland, Donna Summer, Goldfrapp, and Grammy Nominee Katy Perry. Craig J Snider found success as a producer, arranger, and keyboardist on a string of remix & album productions that have topped Billboard’s dance chart (32 Number One Hits!). United as Shamanic, and working together on “FK Always”, the dynamic duo takes each other’s skills in a new direction.

Frankie will live forever; “FK Always.” As of yesterday, advance copies of the single have been made available to Mainstream Top 40 and Rhythmic radio broadcasters. Press contacts are being serviced with their electronic press kit. Interviews and/or appearances will be booked later this month for The Shamanic. Additional news updates and other information about upcoming events will be made available at Members of the media are encouraged to contact the representative listed below for an EPK, or any other additional information as it becomes available.

Media Contact:
Stevie B
Mia Mind Music
Phone: 800-843-8575

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